Intro to CSS: Previewing Changes with the Matched Rule Pane

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In the last Intro to CSS post, we looked at how to identify selectors that you can target in your theme. Remember, a selector is the code a site uses to make changes to how things display.

Today, we’re going to explore one particular part of the Developer Tools, the Matched CSS Rule pane, and see how you can use it identify declarations and start tinkering with your site. A declaration is the part of the CSS rule that tells the CSS what to do — make this font bigger! Change the background color! The Matched CSS Rule pane shows us how selectors are currently being used on the site, which can teach you what kinds of declarations you can use, show you why your declaration might not be working, and let you preview CSS edits on your site.

Are you a blogger who loves tinkering with themes and wants their…

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